A Rare Resource for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers 

For a happier postpartum.

Hello! My name is Hilary Jacobson. I am a certified Swiss holistic lactation
consultant (CH.HU.SI) and author of "Mother Food: A breastfeeding diet guide
with lactogenic foods and herbs."

I am happy to help you transition into a lactogenic diet, if you would like.
See "Lactation Diet Consult" for more information, and download
this document if you would like to arrange a consult. 
I am also a certified hypnotherapist and support mothers in the postpartum with mindfulness-based hypnotherapy, in person, per phone and via Skype.

Some scholarships are available for mothers who cannot afford my services.

Disclaimer: The Lactogenic Diet Consult and also Hypnotherapy do not constitute
medical treatment, nor do they replace the diagnosis and treatment of your
doctor or healthcare provider. Informed consent is at the heart of ethics in medicine. Please view the Lactogenic Diet as a source of information for your process of informed consent, with autonomy and self-responsibility.

Diana West, BA, IBCLC, author
of "Defining your Own Success afterBreast Reduction Surgery" and "Making More Milk"

A book about the way foods influence milk composition - truly excellent."


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Below is an excerpt from an email that I received from the sister of a client on "scholarship" after many months of hypnotherapy. Published with my client's permission:

"Dear Hilary,
My sister is a client of yours. With her permission, I am writing to let you know that I have noticed a phenomenal difference in her over the past several months. She is more and more becoming the woman I have always known was there under the veil of past trauma and severe self-criticism. It is miraculous to witness, and truly delicious. I notice it in our conversations -- small things she says; ways she speaks about life, about herself, about our parents. Her perception and self-awareness has changed. There is so much more room for her to be herself. In a nutshell, she feels more clear and self-confident -- and like she knows she is deserving of that. This is the first time in my life that I have witnessed her this way. Thank you thank you thank you for the gift you have given my sister. She told me of your generosity since December; the timing is filled with grace and makes me want to sing in joy. THANK YOU! - M.G.